I don't exactly remember when I recieved the small yellow locotractor 2090 and how... I think it was a gift from my grand mother or my dad... Probably ordered in one of the trains shops located in the commercial center Polygone in Montpellier, disapeared from a long time ago ! This shop, was in the 80's the only one selling LGB stuff in the region. It was such a long and frustrating process for a kid ! No stock (the shop was so tiny) and only one and big catalog LGB to read and to dream about your future belongings ! The story of that poor locotractor is a story about a baddly love... In fact, for ever, le lock I was dreaming about is the diesel lococtractor 2060 that makes noise ! Can you imagine my deception when opening the box, I discovered this poor yellow 2090 ! More deception when I realised the bulbs are not litten ! I couldn't say if that mistake was the result of a bad explanattion from my part of from the adult who made the gift... !!! By the way, this new unexpected child will need long years before finding its place in my heart ! what an injustice for a valiant little tractor that would not refuse any harder tasks and that would never be out of order.

Today, this incredible little loco is an emblematic actor of the network. With the status of number 2 within the locos park and so much affection from my part (how hell can we have some feelings for a plastic toy ? I am a  wako !!!) the locotractor 2090 is also the favourite of my little brother from years ! Oh, by the way, the loco 2060 is stil not in the park. There's an orange version of bad facture, bought in a starter pack, but 1/ it doesn't ring 2/ it's so light that its strength for traction is a disaster !